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Zhejiang Yongchang Electric

Custom and Cheap Front Loading Wash Machine Motors,Vegetable Cutter Motors,Food Processor Motors,Wash Machine Motors Supplier and Manufacturer.

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Company Profile
 At present, we have thousands of motor products, we focus on motor control, and also provide customers with specialized motor and systematized solution.We mainly produce washing machine motor, dryer motors , air conditioner motor, kitchen appliance motor, fan motor, air purifier motor, food processing machine motor and other several kinds of motors. [Details]
Company: Zhejiang Yongchang Electric
Address: No.1 Huancheng (N) Rd, Nanxun Economic Development Zone,Huzhou City,Zhejiang Pro, P.R.China,313009
Postcode: 313009
Telephone: 86(0)572-3062818
Fax: 86(0)572- 3061856
Contact P: rmotorsyce (Sir.)
Mobile: 86(0)572-3062818